Auto AC Repair in Mesa, AZ

Stay Cool and Comfortable All Year Long

The Salt River Valley expanse that includes Mesa, Arizona, is almost always warm even in "winter." In summer, temperatures get hot, with average high temperatures exceeding 100 degrees. No problem--until your car's AC decides to take an unwelcome break. Fortunately, Friendly Auto Centers, located at 5026 E Main Street #25, has a staff of ASE certified technicians who are well qualified to cool off your hot car. Further, we offer a generous warranty on all auto repairs, and financing is available. Call us at 480-830-9377 or use our convenient online scheduling option to schedule an appointment and reclaim your cool, comfortable ride.

What Happened to the Cool Air?

In the Arizona desert heat, you notice quickly when your car's AC isn't blowing cool air. What happened, and how can it be corrected quickly? To answer these questions, it helps first to understand how your car's air conditioning system works.

How Car AC Works

Refrigerant is changed into liquid in the compressor. This liquid is forced with pressure through hoses to the condenser to cool off -- similarly to how water cools off in a radiator. Depending on the type system your vehicle has, the refrigerant then moves through either an orifice tube or expansion valve to reach the evaporator core. The refrigerant is now again in its gaseous state and absorbs heat from the air passing through the evaporator fins. The cooled air blows through the vents into the passenger cabin (to you) while the warm refrigerant goes back to the compressor to begin the process again.

Common Problems

That's how it should work, anyways, so why might it not operate as planned? One potential issue could be that the AC system has no power. This occurs when the car has an electrical problem such as a broken wire. Also, road debris that becomes airborne can block or puncture the condenser, hindering the heat exchange process. If the compressor fails, refrigerant cannot circulate through the AC system to cool the air. Likewise, the condenser isn't cooled if the fans don't work correctly. Thus, the refrigerant is not cooled enough. Finally, the refrigerant will leak out if there is a small hole anywhere in the system, causing warm air to blow into the car. These may sound overwhelming, but don't sweat! Our technicians are trained and equipped to diagnose which of these issues might be causing the problem. We'll fix it fast. Isn't that cool?

We Can Help Fix It!

We understand that it's miserable to drive in the sweltering heat with no AC. You need to cool down your ride as soon as possible. Friendly Auto Centers in Mesa, Arizona, is here to help. Our ASE Blue Seal of Excellence shop and great staff of certified technicians are ready to repair your car. With 19 service bays, we are equipped to check your AC more quickly than most service providers. What's more, we guarantee our work with a 36-month/36,000-mile warranty. If you're too hot, call us at 480-830-9377 to see how great it is to be cool once again.