What is Limp Mode, and What Does it Mean for Your Vehicle?

What is Limp Mode? Not everyone is an auto expert, and it can be frightening when your vehicle begins to behave strangely for no apparent reason. While your car has many safety features to keep you safe, it also has mechanisms to keep itself safe. ‘Limp mode’ is one of those features. When limp mode […]

BMW Inspections 1 and 2

When Should I Service My BMW? To get the most out of your BMW, you need to be getting your vehicle regularly serviced. But exactly when should you be getting your BMW serviced and how frequently? Thankfully, our BMW repair technicians at Friendly Auto Centers are here to answer your questions. General BMW Inspection Overview […]

Set Your Car Straight

4 Perks of a Wheel Alignment A wheel alignment is a crucial service that needs to happen once or twice per year, depending on your driving conditions. This simple service corrects the positioning and direction of your car’s wheels to ensure they are all pointing in the same direction. This results in a smooth and […]

Fuel Pump Auto Repair in Mesa, AZ

Why You Shouldn’t Ignore A Failing Fuel Pump It’s tempting to put off auto repair until the last second. Many drivers are guilty of putting off replacing a failing part for as long as possible, thinking this means they’re getting the most mileage out of every component. While delaying going to the shop today may […]

The Importance of Spark Plugs

Most people may not think twice about their car’s spark plugs, but these tiny pieces play a surprisingly vital role in how your car’s engine works. Your vehicle is more than likely to become inoperable without properly functioning spark plugs. In this article, we’ll take a look at why your spark plugs are so important, […]

Fun Facts About Mercedes

Mercedes-Benz is one of the most sophisticated, luxurious, and performance-oriented vehicles on the market. Not only have they been turning out revolutionary and technologically groundbreaking cars for decades, but they continue to do so as we move into the future. The Mercedes brand has quite an incredible history, which is why we want to take […]

What is Wheel Alignment, and Why Does My Car Need It?

Your vehicle comprises several hundred components, but none of them may be more critical than its wheels. However, with so many complicated and moving parts, knowing when to schedule a wheel alignment service appointment can be difficult with our busy lives. In this post, we will take a look at why scheduling routine alignment services […]

Why You May Need Auto AC Repair

It’s no fun driving a car with no air conditioning, especially when the weather is hot and temperatures can reach 90 degrees or more. Having a working air conditioning system is more than just a commodity, however. It also helps keep your car running correctly. However, with so many moving parts, it’s unavoidable that something […]

Trust Friendly Auto Centers with BOLT ON

Founded in 2008, BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY designs cutting edge technology for the Automotive Repair & Maintenance industry. Over the past 8 years, they’ve grown to serve thousands of auto repair shops across the U.S including Friendly Auto Centers. ABC15 Arizona: New technology aims to build trust at auto shops