BMW Inspections 1 and 2

When Should I Service My BMW?

To get the most out of your BMW, you need to be getting your vehicle regularly serviced. But exactly when should you be getting your BMW serviced and how frequently?

Thankfully, our BMW repair technicians at Friendly Auto Centers are here to answer your questions.

General BMW Inspection Overview

Depending upon the year of your BMW, its inspection schedule will vary. Generally, you should be getting your car serviced every 5,000 to 10,000 miles. BMW models made in or earlier than 2005 have a warning light that will pop on the dashboard every 30,000 miles to let you know it’s time for an inspection. These service inspections should include a vehicle body check, fluids check, brake inspection, engine inspection, tire rotation, and more.

If you own a newer BMW, it features a more precise service light warning of the specific repairs or services needed, including a coolant problem or oil change.

Depending upon which kind of inspection you need, your BMW will either require an Inspection 1 or 2. While Inspection 1 covers basic services, Inspection 2 involves a more detailed approach.

Inspection 1

A BMW Inspection 1 includes a thorough list of parts that must be inspected by a qualified technician. These parts are broken into three categories, including body and electrical components, engine parts, and undercarriage.

During Inspection 1, the auto technician will perform an oil change and visually inspect the tire pressure, brakes, exhaust, and look for any possible leaks.

They will also check all fluid levels and connect your vehicle to a diagnostics tool to ensure the computer system is working properly and that no errors are found.

Lastly, the technician will inspect all of the vehicle’s lights and electrical parts, including the SRS airbags, door locks, and dashboard lights.

Inspection 2

A BMW Inspection 2 will include all of the services and inspections of Inspection 1 along with a couple of extras. These can include a spark plug change or air filter replacement.

Expert BMW Repair Services

Whether you need a BMW Inspection 1 or 2, the automotive repair specialists at Friendly Auto Centers are here to help. We can thoroughly inspect and diagnose any issues before they turn into costlier problems.

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Written by Friendly Auto Centers