Brake Repair in Mesa, AZ

Are Your Brakes Safe?

Did you know that approximately 22% of auto accidents caused by mechanical failure are the result of bad brakes? That's more than one in every five accidents! While it's very important that your vehicle runs well, it's also critical to ensure that it stops, too. Our ASE certified technicians at Friendly Auto Centers, 5026 E Main Street #25, Mesa, Arizona, can help you maintain or repair your brakes so that you feel confident in your car's ability to stop. As an ASE Blue Seal of Excellence shop, a Motorcraft Preferred Shop, and a Bosch Certified business, you can be assured that we use quality parts and perform reliable service. Call us at 480-830-9377 or use our online scheduling feature to make an appointment for inspection and repair before your brakes become a dangerous problem.

Signs that You May Need Brake Repair

To ensure your safety and that of your passengers, you should never ignore the warning signs of brake system problems. Unusual feelings or odd noises when you try to slow down may signal the need for repair.

Squeaking and Grinding

f you hear grinding, squeaking, or squealing when you apply your brakes, you may have worn brake pads. A worn pad can cause metal parts to rub on one another. This creates the noise you hear.

Spongy Pedal

Also, if your brake pedal feels soft or spongy when you press it, or if you see evidence of a fluid leak, you may have a master cylinder problem. The master cylinder holds brake fluid. A damaged master cylinder could allow fluid to escape and impair your car's ability to stop. The pedal should stop about an inch to an inch and a half from the floor when you press the pedal of a vehicle with power brakes and at least 3 inches from the floor on a car with manual brakes.


Another potential brake issue is uneven rotors. Wobbling, scraping, or vibration when you brake are possible symptoms of a rotor problem. During braking, the pad, which is attached to the caliper, contacts the rotor to slow down your vehicle. Uneven rotors lead to disrupted contact between those parts and impacts your car's ability to stop. Optimally, the rotors should be evenly thick and smooth.

Burning Smell

When an auto pulls to the side during braking, you may need brake line or caliper replacement. A burning smell could be a sign of a stuck brake caliper or a warning that the emergency brake has been unintentionally engaged. Regardless of the symptom or issue, our shop is equipped to ensure that your system is safe, reducing the likelihood of a braking emergency.

Don't Risk Brake Failure

An illuminated brake light could mean either that your vehicle's braking system needs routine maintenance or repair. The experienced technicians at Friendly Auto Centers can diagnose your brakes and tell you the difference. Problems with the braking system may be annoying, but more importantly, they can be dangerous. Never ignore the warning signs. Call Mesa, Arizona's Friendly Auto Centers at 480-830-9377 for assistance from a qualified technician.