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When you hear ‘vehicle emissions,’ the first thing you might think about is the exhaust pipe. That tailpipe that sticks out from the back of your vehicle isn’t the only part involved in emissions control. In fact, the system is quite complex, making use of advanced technology to mitigate what’s released from your vehicle. Like all vehicle systems, emissions control systems can develop problems. It requires a qualified expert to diagnose and repair. Fortunately for drivers in Mesa, Arizona, there’s a team of experts that understands tricky emissions systems and can provide those quality repairs. Friendly Auto Centers is a team of highly trained ASE Certified mechanics that have a thorough knowledge of how cars are supposed to work, and how to fix them when they’re not. If your car’s emissions system isn’t performing properly, they can repair it to keep you safe and save you money.

What Your Vehicle’s Emission System Does

How does an emissions control system keep you safe and save you money? We’re glad you asked! This vital vehicle system offers many benefits, all of which are impacted by broken parts or malfunctions. If your car’s emissions system isn’t up to par, you might risk polluting the environment, harming yourself and passengers, or poor fuel economy. That’s because this system is responsible for moving harmful fumes away from passengers in the vehicle so that they can travel safely. Through impressive scientific processes, it also helps your vehicle go farther with its fuel. Optimal fuel efficiency is achieved with the emissions control system, so your car won’t do as well on gas without it! And finally, a vehicle’s emissions must be controlled to mitigate environmental pollution for the health of your community and the planet.

Why Visit Us?

Your vehicle’s emissions control system has some major responsibilities! You can make sure it’s always carrying out its duties effectively with professional service. For reliable emissions repairs in Mesa, Arizona, visit the experts at Friendly Auto Centers. Our shop is a 2018 AAA Top Shop Award Winner and 2019 Finalist for the Better Business Bureau’s Torch Award for Ethics. Simply put, we’re recognized in our community for our commitment to excellence, integrity, and honesty. And we aren’t just all talk, we back up our work with a strong 3-Year/36,000-mile warranty. We can’t think of anyone better to handle your vehicle’s complex emissions repair or exhaust repair! Call us today at 480-830-9377 or use our convenient online scheduling system to schedule service with our team. You’ll find us at 5026 E Main Street #25 near Venture Out Resort. We can’t wait to see you soon!