Radiator Repair in Mesa, AZ

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If your car has overheated, you won't get very far. You have to stop driving, or you risk causing damage to one of your biggest investments. When you're facing the conditions of a car that has lost its cool, don't sweat. The ASE certified technicians at Friendly Auto Centers in Mesa, Arizona, know just what to do for radiator problems. Conveniently located in the heart of the city at 5026 E Main Street #25, our award-winning shop is an ASE Blue Seal of Excellence repair facility, a Motorcraft Preferred business, and Bosch Certified location. We offer many conveniences to make your radiator repair more convenient -- including alternative transportation arrangements, free vehicle wash/detail, status updates by email or text, towing service, and a superior 3 year/36,000 mile coast-to-coast warranty plus a lifetime warranty on many in-house repairs. If your radiator is boiling and spewing like a geyser, call us at 480-830-9377 or use our online scheduling tool to make an appointment for a much-needed cooldown.

A Really Cool Exchange

Your vehicle's radiator is a type of heat exchanger. The process by which it works is actually pretty cool. The coolant absorbs heat from the running engine. As the heated coolant circulates through the radiator, fans blow air across the metal fins, cooling the surface of the radiator. The warm fluid travels through tubes that are connected to the fins. When the fluid contacts the cooled metal, it allows heat to dissipate from the fluid to the metal to the air. The cooled fluid is then ready to absorb more heat as it recirculates.

A Hot Mess

It's easy to take a properly working radiator for granted, but there's no denying that your car has trouble when the radiator malfunctions. Quite literally, a ruined radiator is one hot mess. There are a number of common issues that can cause overheating.

One potential culprit is electric fan failure, preventing sufficient air flow when the car is traveling at a low speed or idling. Another very common issue is a broken thermostat. While it is not actually a part of the radiator, the thermostat controls how much coolant flows into the radiator based on the temperature. A leaking hose allows coolant to escape, creating overheating and a radiator-related problem. Likewise, an ailing water pump disrupts the flow of liquid through the system. If air becomes trapped in the system, the cooling system cannot operate optimally, nor will it work well if the passages in the engine block or radiator become blocked with "scale." And, of course, the radiator itself can develop holes or cracks, allowing fluid to escape. These leaks are often harder to see than those located along the hoses.

Fortunately, the experts at Friendly Auto Centers in Mesa, Arizona, can detect and repair these problems or replace the radiator, if necessary. Call us at 480-830-9377 to schedule an appointment to put an end to your vehicle's overheating woes.