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Tire Balancing IN MESA, AZ

The Service That Keeps Your Tires In Check

Your tires are key contributors to your car’s overall safety, performance, and fuel economy. Throughout your vehicle’s lifespan, it requires routine service that keeps your tires in optimal, reliable condition. One such service is tire balancing. This service is performed to correct the uneven distribution of tire weight around the wheel. Tires become unbalanced most often from uneven tire wear or the loss of wheel weight due to hitting a curb or pothole. If your tire sits for extended periods, the development of flat spots can also cause an imbalance. After you bring your vehicle in for service, your tires and wheels are mounted onto a machine that spins the tire and wheel assembly and measures the imbalance. If an imbalance is detected, tire weights are installed in the necessary areas to even out the tire and wheel assembly. The proper balance of tires increases both performance and safety and promotes longevity. Here at Friendly Auto Centers in Mesa, Arizona, we have ample experience with tire balancing services for all makes and models. Call us at 480-830-9377 to schedule an appointment today.