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Transmission Flush IN MESA, AZ

The Importance of Flushing Your Transmission

Your vehicle’s transmission distributes power from the engine to the wheels, creating forward motion. It also helps regulate speed and optimize fuel consumption. For example, when you’re driving slowly, you can stay in a lower gear and avoid damaging your engine. When you want to speed up, the gears increase in turn, rotating the wheels more quickly and delivering as much power as you need based on your rate of speed. To ensure your transmission is always operating at its peak capacity, regular inspection and service are required. One such service is a transmission flush. A transmission fluid flush is akin to an oil change—it’s the process of removing the old, worn fluid from your system and replacing it with clean transmission fluid. We also inspect and clean the transmission pan and replace the transmission filter. The fluid is drained using a cooler line flushing machine or pump inlet. Sludge and grime can develop in your transmission’s fluid, resulting in poor performance and internal damage if left for too long. At Friendly Auto Centers in Mesa, Arizona, we possess the right tools and knowledge to perform a transmission flush for your vehicle.