What Vehicles Should Get a Flush?

Flush vs Change

What’s the Purpose?

Do you ever wonder if you should use a transmission flush or change your transmission fluid? The experts at Friendly Auto Centers in Mesa, Arizona, know the answer and can recommend the right service for your vehicle.

The purpose of a flush is to cool and lubricate your automatic transmission. Transmissions collect foreign particles that can interfere with your vehicle’s performance, causing your transmission to generate additional friction and heat, reducing the life of the vehicle’s gears. Over time these particles turn into sludge deposits and interfere with gear shifting and acceleration, preventing your vehicle from performing at optimal levels.

The purpose of a flush is to maximize the lifespan and performance of your transmission, one of the most expensive parts to repair and replace. Without a healthy transmission, your vehicle is destined for trouble.

If you have not used preventative maintenance or if your vehicle’s transmission has an underlying or preexisting condition, a flush will not help solve the problem. A vehicle with an underlying condition should not be flushed due to the force applied in the flushing process. The velocity of the flushing can lodge debris in places that may cause additional problems. Therefore it’s important to talk to the experts at Friendly Auto Centers. They will know what to do for your vehicle.

By simply using a preventative maintenance program at Friendly Auto Centers, your transmission will be cared for. A vehicle care plan can be ordered to make your transmission healthy and strong.

Flush vs Change

A transmission flush replaces 100 percent of your transmission fluid and eliminates accumulated particles and deposits from your transmission. An additional transmission flush may be from a cooler line flushing machine or inlet pump.

A transmission fluid change replaces approximately 60 percent of your fluid. During a fluid change, your transmission pan is drained without special equipment. The transmission pan is inspected for debris, damage, and normal wear and tear. During the fluid change, the filter is replaced, and a new dose of fluid is added.

To learn if a transmission flush or a fluid change is right for your vehicle, stop in and ask the experts at Friendly Auto Centers. They can recommend a preventative maintenance schedule and look at your entire vehicle, so your vehicle is in top-notch condition.

Written by Friendly Auto Centers