Wheel Alignment in Mesa, AZ

Safety & Handling First

You've experienced the symptoms. Something just isn't right. Your car is pulling to the side when you drive, you're fighting with the steering wheel to keep the vehicle straight, or your tires show more wear in some spots than in others. You might need a wheel alignment. What should you do? First, don't keep waiting. The problems won't get better on their own, and you could be incurring additional damage if you continue driving long-term. Second, call Friendly Auto Centers at 480-830-9377 to schedule an appointment.

Located at 5026 E Main Street #25, Mesa, Arizona, our 19-bay state-of-the-art shop has the equipment and certified staff needed to perform a wheel alignment on any make or model vehicle. Because we are an ASE Blue Seal of Excellence shop, a Bosch Certified business, and a Motorcraft Preferred location as well as AAA Top Shop Award winner and a finalist for a Better Business Bureau Torch of Ethics award, you know you can rely on our expertise, workmanship, and honesty.

Wheel Alignment Explained

Our technicians consider the kind of vehicle you drive to determine the proper technique for wheel alignment service. An all-wheel drive or front-wheel drive with an adjustable rear suspension needs to have all the wheels aligned. Others typically need only a front wheel alignment. Regardless of what type your car needs, a wheel alignment orients the moving parts by squaring the axles and wheels. A mechanic adjusts the major suspension angles of camber, caster, toe, and thrust. Once the wheel alignment corrects problems with the angles, the car's steering is straight, the steering wheel is centered, and the wheels move as intended. Our technicians take your car through these careful steps to ensure that you get back on the road with optimal control and safety.

The Need for Alignment

You avoid situations with your auto whenever you can, but sometimes dangers are unavoidable. There are deep potholes in the road (that you didn't see in time), the enormous speed bump down the street (that you forgot about and hit too hard), and fender benders (not your fault). Perhaps you just want to get a fresh start when you purchase new tires. No matter the reason, you can actually recover the cost of a wheel alignment in money saved by extending your tire life and increasing fuel mileage. You will also decrease the likelihood of needing costly auto repairs later. Additionally, proper wheel alignment makes your travels smoother, more comfortable, and safer. If you suspect your car needs alignment, call Mesa, Arizona's Friendly Auto Centers at 480-830-9377.