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Check Engine Light Diagnostics IN MESA, AZ

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Your check engine light is on. Should you A: panic, B: hope it goes away, or C: get service at Friendly Auto Centers? First, let’s review the engine light’s meaning. The dashboard of your vehicle has several different warning lights, each of them with a different purpose. Some are a good sign since they let you know that key systems like your airbags or high beams are working as they’re supposed to. Others are just a gentle reminder, letting you know you’re running low on gas. Like your electrical light or the transmission fault indicator, other lights signify that something needs to be addressed as soon as possible. So, what’s the purpose of the check engine light (CEL), and why might yours be lit? It’s complicated, as this indicator isn’t nearly as specific as the many others in your vehicle. Today’s vehicles use an on-board diagnostics system, often called OBD-II. Its job is to monitor various sensors and systems in your vehicle. If it doesn’t “hear from” a system or finds a problem, a fault code is generated, and the light goes on. From there, it’s up to you to schedule check engine light diagnostics here at our auto shop, where we’ll be able to find and fix the problem.