The Importance of Spark Plugs

Most people may not think twice about their car's spark plugs, but these tiny pieces play a surprisingly vital role in how your car's engine works. Your vehicle is more than likely to become inoperable without properly functioning spark plugs. In this article, we'll take a look at why your spark plugs are so important, what they're doing, and why routine engine repair can help ensure your spark plugs are always functioning correctly.

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Spark Plugs Overview

A spark plug is an electrical device that fits into the cylinder head of your engine, where it sparks engine ignition. Spark plugs are connected to the ignition coil, producing the high voltage needed to ignite the fuel and produce combustion within a car's engine.

Before igniting the engine, the gas pump transfers the gas along the fuel lines to the fuel injectors. At this time, the engine's cold air intake is also drawing oxygen into the cylinders, where gas and air are combined into a fuel state and pumped into the cylinder.

From there, the spark plugs fire and causes a slight explosion to ignite the engine. As such, no spark plug means no combustion, which means your vehicle will not go anywhere.

For optimum performance of your vehicle and to prevent paying for expensive engine repair, your spark plugs should be frequently cleaned and inspected to ensure they are free of damage. If your spark plugs are dirty or missing, it could affect how your engine is running. Driving with bad spark plugs can cause several problems on your engine, causing the engine light to turn on and requiring you to seek the help of an engine repair specialist.

Certified Engine Repair in Mesa, Arizona

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Written by Friendly Auto Centers